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International Master Data Quality Conference

ISO 8000 Workgroup Meetings     22 - 24 February 2016

PiLog Group hosts ISO8000 Work Group Meetings in Cape Town in February

Quality Master Data Solution’s provider, PiLog Group, will be hosting the ISO 8000 Work Group Meetings between February 22nd and 26th 2016 at the campus of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Approximately 15 delegates from countries such as France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, UK, USA, Korea, China and Japan will be participating in the development of the Data Quality Process Assessment, Measurement Framework and Data Process Improvement Models that will be covered by the ISO 8000 Data Quality Standard. In the week of 22 February 2016, the ISO 8000 work group will work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday on dedicated internal agendas, whereas Wednesday 24 February is planned as an Open Industry day, whereby the ISO 8000 experts will share their experiences with Data and Information Quality leaders in South African Industry and Business. PiLog hereby invites executive representatives of corporate organisations in the financial, petrochemical, retail and leading academic institutions to:

Attend the ISO 8000 Open Industry day 24 February 2016

The launch of PiLog Global Academy on the evening of 24 February 2016

High quality data is critical for corporate organisations offering financial solutions to their clients; key to these organisations offering is to produce reliable and accurate information that will, or should, improve business and industry decisions. Business leaders, especially in the financial services industry, should be emphasising good data governance to produce high quality information for business use. More companies realise that much of their competitive advantages lie in their data and commensurately, in the management of its quality. The end goal of data quality management is to produce information as an asset.

PiLog Group CEO, Dr. Salomon de Jager invites you to attend and participate in the global information sharing closing plenary of the Open Industry Day, whereby the role of International Data Quality Standards, will be discussed by International experts such as Prof John Talburt (USA), Dr Timothy King UK, Prof Michael Mielke and Prof Olaf Jacobs (Germany), Prof Sunho Kim and Prof Changsoo Lee (Korea) to name a few. They will share the latest global industry trends with emphasis on the architecture of systems, compliance with data management regulations, international standards and the best practices.